A Constructed World workshop, School of Social Practice, California College the Arts, San Francisco, with students from the school and members of Speech and What Archive, 18.11.2009 – 01.12.2009.

The group attempts to receive telepathic messages from Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples in Melbourne.

“What if received messages were more interesting than sent messages? Why should telepathy follow the model of a classic discussion? Maybe the telepathic exchange isnot in the receipt of a message that someone sent. The sending is perhaps not important, only the receiving matters. Successful telepathy could occur when two people share the same received message.
The relationship is not in the exchange of information but in the common reception. It is difficult then to imagine where  the messages come from. Perhaps lost thoughts. The world could be full of ideas, messages in circulation. Maybe it just comes from insideus, from our unconscious. But the origin of the message is not so important, and anyway we would not know it. If I, who live in France, and Liv, who lives in Australia, think about the same thing at the same moment, do we share a telepathic experience?”
Anna Hess, 2009