Pre-emptive drawings

The Pre-emptive drawings are plans for performances, exhibitions and installations. Looking more like drawings made after the event, they are in fact the plans, or instructions, for the placement of people and objects in performances and installations in gallery spaces. They are works that anticipate and predict rather than document. The drawings selected for the room include plans for a number of installations of Explaining contemporary art to live eels, Medicine Show performances and diagrams and charts for developing works.

“For pornography, in this view, commits itself less, to affect (the production of further responses and consequences) than to effect (the manifestation of the visible consequences of what one has already done).”- Frances Ferguson
“It was a little unclear what the group sent us. Was it the whole list on the right? Was it Juice? Was it Circle? What struck me most about the chart you sent was the way the participants spoke/described what it was they received. I loved that each person was named and owned the description. It reconfirmed something that Sean and I picked up on in our early attempts to communicate telepathically something I think of as ‘imaginary certainty’. That is, we find ourselves in somewhat of an altered state after telepathy and the texts generated read as a sort of stream of consciousness, similar to the way people speak when they recount a dream. The absolute certainty applied to the imaginary proposition seems to generate a confident, efficient and graceful strangeness.”- Veronica Kent