Pre-emptive drawings

The Pre-emptive drawings are plans for performances, exhibitions and installations. Looking more like drawings made after the event, they are in fact the plans, or instructions, for the placement of people and objects in performances and installations in gallery spaces. They are works that anticipate and predict rather than document. The drawings selected for the room include plans for a number of installations of Explaining contemporary art to live eels, Medicine Show performances and diagrams and charts for developing works.

“For pornography, in this view, commits itself less, to affect (the production of further responses and consequences) than to effect (the manifestation of the visible consequences of what one has already done).”- Frances Ferguson
“The young Sigmund Freud, while then absorbed in physiological research, was baffled by his inability to find the testicles of eels: his object of study. This is an obsession particularly significant for one who would become the theoretician of the castration complex. One can imagine Freud’s confusion and, perhaps, helplessness before the phallic animal whose gender he was unable to determine. Suspended in a state of sexual uncertainty, each eel is the prototype of a non-physiological difference in gender, whilst still (visually) a phallic symbol.”- Sébastien Pluot