Chrématistique is a set of three works - a painting, a video and a sculpture - that reflect on the shift towards neoliberalism occurring over the past decade or more. Following the research of French philosopher Fabien Vallos on the Aristotelian notion of chrématistique, A Constructed World consider the process of accumulating wealth through money and goods regardless of their use value. The video work, The Parable of the Talents, a re-make of Matthew 25:14–30, explores the embarrassment and conscious duplicity of this story and its implications. Amphorae, a pair of faux Grecian vases, depict erotic (or pornographic) images lifted from the internet, freely available due to the proliferation of material and users. And the over-sized painting Nature Dance, a picture of the fragility and trust of the individual in the group in the world.

“We do have a future and a past, but the future takes the form of a circle expanding in all directions, the past is not surpassed but revisited, repeated, surrounded, protected, recombined, reinterpreted and reshuffled. Elements that appear remote if we follow the spiral, may turn out to be quite nearby if we compare loops.”- Bruno Latour
“Everyone’s mind will be permanently linked to the wireless Internet, and through the Internet to everyone else’s mind. This will trigger very radical changes. In particular, telepathic groups able to instantly share and elaborate thoughts will produce an enormous acceleration in the development and deployment of new ideas, and cause the emergence of “group minds.” And once neural communication is sufficiently deep, accurate and fast, it will be possible to transfer the informational content of a person’s brain, with memories, thoughts and feelings, to a higher performance storage and process- ing device. This “mind uploading” technology may eventually provide practical immortality.”- space physicist Giulio Prisco