Like I talk to you right now

June 8, 2015

May 23, 2015 Round Table Performance at Salon MAD#1, La Maison Rouge, Paris (commissioned by Peeping Tom). A Constructed World at Large with guests Fabien Vallos, Hélène Deléan, Lorraine Châteaux, Axelle Bonnard, Maxime Bichon, Sébastien Pluot, Fabrice Reymond, Esther Lowe et Yann Sérandour.
In the luminous room of Antoine de Galbert’s collection of unassigned masks and headdress, amongst a removed shamanistic, ritualistic alterity, A Constructed World at Large present a hallucinating group and an open score about truth becoming negative. From a fragmented position inside language and outside of supervision the group considers the true and the false in a search for conversation that is both ubiquitous and invisible. And objects speak.

While preparing Peeping Tom’s Digest fourth issue and taking Paris as a starting point, Peeping Tom invites A Constructed World to create a performace for Salon MAD at Maison Rouge. A written account of this event will be included in Peeping Tom’s Digest#4: Paris (Le Grand et au delà) to be published late 2015.