Fire works

Without really intending it the Fire room installation came together over time with a succession of works depicting destruction by fire. A Constructed World investigate the fate of objects and ideas when they cease to function, raising questions about the impulse to obliterate objects, the operative needs of capitalism, and what remains after something is destroyed.

The installation comprises fourteen video works made between 2002 and 2010, including Mony Fire, Camera Fire, Le feu scrupuleux, 2008 (commissioned by Cneai, Chatou), Samuel Pepys in Bordeaux, 2008 (commissioned by CAPC Museum, Bordeaux) and set of small of sculptures, affects, resulting from the making of the works.

“Parts hide one another; and when the artifact is completed the activity that fits them together disappears completely.”- Bruno Latour
“The young Sigmund Freud, while then absorbed in physiological research, was baffled by his inability to find the testicles of eels: his object of study. This is an obsession particularly significant for one who would become the theoretician of the castration complex. One can imagine Freud’s confusion and, perhaps, helplessness before the phallic animal whose gender he was unable to determine. Suspended in a state of sexual uncertainty, each eel is the prototype of a non-physiological difference in gender, whilst still (visually) a phallic symbol.”- Sébastien Pluot