Chrématistique is a set of three works - a painting, a video and a sculpture - that reflect on the shift towards neoliberalism occurring over the past decade or more. Following the research of French philosopher Fabien Vallos on the Aristotelian notion of chrématistique, A Constructed World consider the process of accumulating wealth through money and goods regardless of their use value. The video work, The Parable of the Talents, a re-make of Matthew 25:14–30, explores the embarrassment and conscious duplicity of this story and its implications. Amphorae, a pair of faux Grecian vases, depict erotic (or pornographic) images lifted from the internet, freely available due to the proliferation of material and users. And the over-sized painting Nature Dance, a picture of the fragility and trust of the individual in the group in the world.

“We still don’t know how to assemble, in a single, visually coherent space, all the entities necessary for a thing to become an object.”- Bruno Latour
“The young Sigmund Freud, while then absorbed in physiological research, was baffled by his inability to find the testicles of eels: his object of study. This is an obsession particularly significant for one who would become the theoretician of the castration complex. One can imagine Freud’s confusion and, perhaps, helplessness before the phallic animal whose gender he was unable to determine. Suspended in a state of sexual uncertainty, each eel is the prototype of a non-physiological difference in gender, whilst still (visually) a phallic symbol.”- Sébastien Pluot